There are plenty of fish in the software sea: big and small, the industry sees them all.

But as you sail to new shores, you need a software system that can ride the waves of change and keep your pharmacy afloat, in good times and bad.

But not all systems are created equal — so if you want to find the right fit for your pharmacy, you should weigh your options accordingly. As you start your search for a new pharmacy management system, it’s important that you get the facts, read the reviews, and consider what you want out of a technology partner.

To help you on your voyage, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about one of the top software systems, Computer-Rx Pharmacy Software.

Read on to learn all about Computer-Rx, from its capabilities to its cost, to find out if it’s the “fish” your pharmacy’s been looking for.

What is Computer-Rx?

Computer-Rx Pharmacy Software is one of two systems operating under the Transaction Data Systems (TDS) umbrella.

TDS founded Computer-Rx in 1982 “with the vision of providing simple, user-friendly solutions to give independent pharmacies a cutting edge.”

To accomplish this, Computer-Rx offers a wide range of solutions, including “electronic verification, document imaging, barcode scanning, workflow tools, inventory management, long-term care, Internet-based refill, text message and e-mail notifications, and many more.”

Computer-Rx serves several types of pharmacies, including single and multi-locations, assisted living and long-term care, specialty, and hospital pharmacies.

With so many customers, Computer-Rx is one of the largest providers in the pharmacy management system space. It currently has locations in all 50 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

TDS, Computer-Rx’s parent company, is led by Jude Dieterman, Chief Executive Officer and based out of Oklahoma City, OK.

It plays an active role in the industry and maintains partnerships with several pharmacy organizations, including NCPA, APhA, AMCP, PQA, and NCPDP.

Computer-Rx offers its flagship pharmacy management software, along with point-of-sale software, mobile apps and add-ons, and several clinical solutions, creating an entire system of technology for independent pharmacies.

What are the features of Computer-Rx Pharmacy Software?

Computer-Rx offers all the basic capabilities pharmacies need to succeed. The software handles operational, clinical, and financial aspects of the pharmacy business in order to provide an all-encompassing solution.

Computer-Rx’s features are as follows:

Prescription Processing

Workflow Management

Inventory & Ordering

Claims Processing & Reconciliation

  • Claim-Level Reconciliation
  • Payment Tracking and Recovery
  • Third-Party Payer Reimbursements
  • Reconciled Detailed Remittance
  • Credentialing and Audit Assistance
  • Dedicated Account Manager


Mobile Apps & Add-Ons

In addition to the standard pharmacy software, Computer-Rx offers several apps and add-ons to enable pharmacists to do more. These apps and add-ons include a:

  • Mobile Prescription Refill Requests App
  • Delivery App
  • Inventory App
  • Curbside Pickup App


Finally, aside from its own software and solutions, Computer-Rx partners with other vendors in order to give users even greater capabilities. Integrations can be added to the standard system for an additional fee.

Some of Computer-Rx’s most popular integrations include:

To explore all that Computer-Rx has to offer, visit its website.

How much does Computer-Rx cost?

Like most software vendors, Computer-Rx doesn’t list a ticket price on its website. That’s because prices can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, depending on factors like size, location, and patient demographics.

In general, most software systems tend to go for $15-30,000, which includes installation and support set-up.

If you want to get a price for your pharmacy, reach out to Computer-Rx, request a quote, and compare the final price with the other top pharmacy software vendors.

Is Computer-Rx a good software system?

Computer-Rx is one of the largest pharmacy systems on the market, but it has some stiff competition.

In order to see how Computer-Rx stacks up, we can call on the expertise of other independent pharmacists.

Over 2,000 pharmacists gave their input on their pharmacy software systems in a double-blind survey conducted by Direct Opinions. The responses were recorded and compared across several categories.

According to these results, here’s how Computer-Rx compares to the 8 other top pharmacy management systems:

These results show that Computer-Rx performs well in acquiring new customers, both new and existing pharmacies, but that it ranks low in customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is determined by three factors: features, ease of use, and support. It’s safe to say, then, that Computer-Rx falls behind its competitors in these areas. Even still, Computer-Rx continues to be a top choice for independent pharmacies.

For a full breakdown of the Direct Opinions survey results, including how Computer-Rx’s competitors compare, visit our Compare Software page.

What are the alternatives to Computer-Rx?

Computer-Rx competes against several other systems for its spot. If you find that Computer-Rx isn’t for you, or if you want to explore other alternatives, try looking into these top software vendors:

To learn more about Computer-Rx’s competitors, and to see how they stack up, read our blog, What Are the Best Pharmacy Software Systems on the Market?

How can I learn more about Computer-Rx?

The best way to learn about Computer-Rx, or any other software vendor, is to reach out and get in touch with a representative.

Most software systems offer free demos that enable you to see the software in action and decide if it’s a good fit for you. If you’re interested in Computer-Rx’s software system, consider scheduling a demo.

During your demo, you can get a feel for the features and functions, as well as what kind of support you’ll be getting. You can also use this time to ask for a personalized quote.

To get more information about scheduling demos and read about demo best practices, click here.


Computer-Rx has been in business for over 40 years, helping independent pharmacies across the country meet their goals and care for their patients. Computer-Rx is picked by many independents, and it might be the right pick for you (or it might not).

Every pharmacy is different, so before you start shopping around, make sure you know what you’re looking for and that you’re able to clearly communicate it to company representatives.

Think about your needs, consider your goals, and weigh your options in order to find the right fit for your pharmacy.

With the right software system, you can ride the waves of ownership and ensure your pharmacy stays sailing smoothly for years to come.