A new software system is a long-term investment. You want to find a great match for your pharmacy and be satisfied with your decision, not find yourself regretting it.

So how can you visualize your experience and predict how satisfied you will be with your new software provider?

The Secret Power of Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction scores are a powerful metric to consider when evaluating systems. What do the current users of a software really think about it? What are its strengths? Downfalls? This can give you an inside look on what to expect from partnering with a vendor.

Through our unbiased Direct Opinions survey of approximately 2000 independent pharmacies, we found the overall customer satisfaction scores of different vendors using a metric called Net Promoter Score (NPS).

NPS is an indicator of customer loyalty and overall satisfaction of a vendor’s users. A high NPS score demonstrates a heavy concentration of extremely satisfied customers. Conversely, a negative NPS score indicates that a vendor has more dissatisfied customers than satisfied ones.

Only software vendors with 100 or more people surveyed are shown in the survey. The results can be seen here:

PioneerRx comes in first, followed by Micro Merchant Systems and then Rx30. Moving down, QS/1, ComputerRx, and Pharmaserv all have negative NPS scores.

Now, you can look at the scores, but don’t you want to know what these people were thinking when they gave their ratings? Each person was also asked what factor contributed most to their satisfaction - or dissatisfaction.

This gives a deeper insight into what characteristics of a pharmacy software are the most influential when it comes to the user’s overall satisfaction with their experience.

Which Factors Contribute Most to Customer Satisfaction?

These are the top 3 factors that survey respondents cited as the main reason for their satisfaction with their current pharmacy software system:

What Factors Contribute Most to Customer Dissatisfaction?

These are the top 3 factors that survey respondents cited as the main reason for their dissatisfaction with their current pharmacy software system:


You probably notice some overlap in these factors. This tells us that the quality of customer support and features that a pharmacy software vendor offers can really make or break the software. When the support is great and the features are powerful and easy-to-use, it can lead to highly satisfied customers. But when the support and features are lacking, that turns it all the way around and produces highly unsatisfied customers.

A successful pharmacy software is easy to use, offers exceptional customer support, and is equipped with robust features.

To read more about customer satisfaction and view the full results of the Independent Pharmacy Survey, visit our Evaluating the Best Pharmacy Software System page. Find out the answers to your most pressing questions.