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Each year, approximately 2,000 pharmacies like yours are called by Direct Opinions, an independent surveyor, and are asked questions about their current pharmacy management software. This double-blind phone-based survey gathers unbiased information about the pharmacy software industry.

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How Customer Relationship Management Creates Strong Connections

August 11, 2022

Ever find yourself asking why your pharmacy can’t quite keep repeat customers? Why people are opting for the competition down the street? Was it something you said? Or, rather, was it how you said it? All of these factors and so much more make up the essence of customer relationship management, a vital tool in helping prolong your independent pharmacy’s success. One of the most basic ways to ensure your business remains up and running is to develop a relationship between you and the...

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How to Make Market Research Your Best Friend

August 4, 2022

If you’re wondering how you can improve your pharmacy’s workflow or how your customers see your business, then look no further than market research. Defined by the Small Business Association, market research “blends consumer behavior and economic trends to confirm and improve your business idea.” Understanding the needs of your customers is extremely important, allowing you to invest and focus on elements that need a little more care and attention. It gives you a blueprint on how to...

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How PSAOs Empower Independent Pharmacies

July 28, 2022

In a previous blog, we went over what role pharmacy benefit managers play in the independent pharmacy scene. They are essentially negotiators meant to help pharmacies get the best services within their means. PBMs aren’t always on your side, however. They can make negotiations more difficult than it needs to be, making the process that they’re supposed to simplify even more convoluted. Enter pharmacy services administrative organizations. (PSAOs)...

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Pharmacy Software | FAQ and Buyer's Guide

1. What is pharmacy software?

Pharmacy software is a technology platform that enables you to run your pharmacy more efficiently. A software system stores all of your data 一 from patient information to prescriptions to point-of-sale transactions 一 in one safe, convenient place. Your pharmacy management software has the ability to automate your pharmacy’s workflow and easily manage your day-to-day operations. There are a number of solutions out there, so it’s important that you find the right one for your pharmacy. You want to find a vendor that will help you streamline your pharmacy operations, help you implement clinical services, boost your customer service, improve patient outcomes, and enhance your business overall.

2. How much does it cost?

Every software system is different, so their prices are different, too. The price of your software depends on the size of your pharmacy, the services you offer, and the capabilities you need. To get an accurate price, reach out to a vendor to get a quote, and more importantly, learn how to break your quote down. The key thing to remember is that you must look at the complete pricing as a whole in order to compare quotes from different vendors. Different companies will structure their pricing differently - so keep an eye out for additional hardware costs, set-up and installation costs, and all of your monthly transaction, eScript, and claim processing fees.

3. How do I make the right choice?

Your pharmacy is multi-faceted, so your software system should be, too. Pharmacy Software Reviews gives you the information you need to decide on the system that will help you succeed and run a successful business. We conduct third-party, independent surveys on thousands of pharmacists just like you from across the country 一 then we compile the data together to help you find your perfect fit. Visit our Comparing Software page to see how all the vendors stack up against each other - from overall installations and customer satisfaction, to conversions and new stores, and more.

4. What are typical features in a pharmacy management software?

To find out which features each vendor offers, schedule a free demo by visiting the vendor’s website and locating the demo button. This is the best way to learn about how each software will fit into your pharmacy and see it in action. Most vendors have a combination of the following features (and more):

  • Rx Dispensing: The core of pharmacy management software is the ability to dispense and refill prescription drugs, manage patient profiles, receive eScripts, and adjudicate claims.
  • Inventory: Your inventory management is the backbone of your business. You need a system that will enable you to easily track, update, and optimize your inventory.
  • Integrated Point-of-Sale: At checkout, you will need a point-of-sale system that will allow you to efficiently pull up patient orders and process payments.
  • Financial Reporting: Reporting capabilities, including financial reports, are crucial to understanding how your business is operating. A bonus is the ability to create and save custom reports to track your desired metrics and goals.
  • Vaccination Tools: Especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccination is an important part of a community pharmacy. Administering vaccines requires proper tools to report to registries and submit claims for reimbursement.
  • eCare Plans: eCare Plan capabilities allow you to properly document patient health interactions and clinical services, in order to share this information with other providers and submit claims for reimbursement from payers.
  • DIR Management: With DIR and GER fees skyrocketing to obscene amounts, pharmacy owners need a way to track and manage expected DIR fees to help minimize their damages.
  • Loyalty Programs: Patient loyalty programs are a great tool to have in your software, allowing you to incentivize your best customers and increase their customer satisfaction.
  • MTM / Risk Scores: Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is an important clinical intervention to have with your patients, helping to optimize their medication regimen and identify patients that are at risk.
  • Compounding: Some systems have integrated compounding capabilities to manage compounding recipes, inventory, batches, and custom labels - instead of needing to purchase an additional third-party system.
  • Med Sync: Medication synchronization is the key to success in any independent pharmacy. This is the basic foundation that will help you improve your patient outcomes, streamline your workload, and free up time to grow into other clinical services in your pharmacy. Your software should give you the tools to build and optimize your med sync workflow, as well as integrate with automation and robots to produce the accompanying med sync adherence packaging.

Most vendors are also compatible with other integrations such as IVR, Automation, Robots, Will Call Retrieval Systems, and more. The possibilities are endless - it’s time to mix and match what works best for your store and your patients.

The Right Solution for Your Independent Pharmacy Business

A pharmacy management software combines features such as prescription drug dispensing, management of clinical services, and point-of-sale all in one convenient platform. Software is the core of a successful pharmacy business. Essentially every part of your workflow will run through this system. You and your team will be using this every single day, so it’s important to make the right choice. You need powerful, easy-to-use features and a vendor that offers reliable customer support.

Visit our Comparing Software page to compare top industry vendors such as PioneerRx, Rx30, Computer-Rx, BestRx (Best Computer Systems), Liberty, Micro Merchant Systems, QS/1, and more. Real pharmacy professionals like you were surveyed by an independent third-party and asked about the software that they use every day. Get insights from real people and see which pharmacy software vendors have the highest customer satisfaction, the most conversions, the best customer retention, and more.

Our Blog also dives into specific software features and how to evaluate whether a system is right for your pharmacy’s needs. It’s important to know how features vary among vendors and what questions to ask during the sales process. Read our blog posts to learn how to get the most out of your software with features like:

1. eCare Plans

5. DIR Fee Management

2. Med Sync

6. Financial Reporting

3. IVR

7. Inventory Management

4. Automation Technology

and more!

How to Open a Pharmacy

Are you a pharmacy professional looking to expand your career? Do you want to bring your ideas to life and make a difference in your community? By becoming an independent pharmacy owner, you will have the ability to offer the services you want, build the team you need, and create the pharmacy you have always imagined. The freedom of ownership will also enable you to bring quality care to your community and form lasting connections, both personal and professional.

Ready to start the journey?

In addition to helping you find the right pharmacy management software, Pharmacy Software Reviews walks you through the ownership process with our detailed guide on How to Open a Pharmacy. We break down the steps into 3 easy phases to get you on the right path.

Take the first step today and see if pharmacy ownership is right for you.

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