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Every year, over 2,000 independent pharmacists rate their current pharmacy management software in a survey conducted by Direct Opinions. Direct Opinions, a market research firm, gathers each survey and compiles it into a report of the pharmacy software market. Read on to see the results of the 2022 survey and decide which pharmacy software system is right for you.

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Most-Asked Software Questions

Which pharmacy software has the highest customer satisfaction?

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What is the most converted-to pharmacy software?

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What is the most installed pharmacy software?

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Which pharmacy software has the highest customer retention?

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5 Things to Know About Pharmacy Billing

September 29, 2022

Hardly anything in the pharmacy industry is straightforward. The same goes for pharmacy billing, which is a process that involves the pharmacy, the patient’s insurance plan, and the patient themselves. As an independent pharmacist and small business owner, you must ensure that your work is properly compensated — and that the patient is being billed accordingly. Pharmacy billing is yet another complex concept that shapes the entire industry. Nevertheless, knowing its in and outs is necessary...

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6 Essentials in Protecting Patient Information

September 22, 2022

Pharmacy operations go beyond dispensing medications. They even surpass offering quality clinical services or achieving high customer ratings. It’s easy to sometimes forget that your independent pharmacy holds extremely sensitive information about your patients. In this way, protecting patient information is critical to your operations.Knowing a patient’s health journey requires knowing them in a very personal and vulnerable light. Naturally, you’re held to strict HIPAA policies, and...

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The Power of Lab Testing

September 15, 2022

In the never-ending quest to expand an independent pharmacy’s capabilities, you need to look above and beyond what’s currently expected of the industry. You can look to automated services to make your work life a little easier or clinical services to bring in a larger customer base. Enter lab testing, an overlooked but potentially lucrative avenue for your independent pharmacy. Just like clinical services, direct-to-consumer lab testing can make your pharmacy a more attractive and convenient...

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Pharmacy Software | FAQ and Buyer's Guide

1. What is pharmacy software?

Pharmacy software is a technology platform that handles all of your operations. A software system stores all of your data 一 from patient information to prescriptions to point-of-sale transactions 一 in one safe, convenient place. Using your data, you can manage prescriptions, provide clinical services, and submit claims for reimbursement. Popular retail pharmacy systems include PioneerRx, Rx30, QS/1, Datascan, Micro Merchant, and Liberty Software, among others. 

2. What is the cost of pharmacy software?

Every software system is different, so their prices are different, too. Pharmacy software cost depends on the size of your pharmacy, the services you offer, and the capabilities you need. To get an accurate price, reach out to a vendor to get a quote, and more importantly, learn how to break your quote down. Different pharmacy management companies will structure their pricing differently — so keep an eye out for additional hardware costs, set-up and installation costs, and all of your monthly transaction, eScript, and claim processing fees.

3. How do I pick the right software?

Your pharmacy is multi-faceted, so your software system should be, too. Pharmacy Software Reviews gives you the information you need to decide on the best pharmacy software for you. We conduct third-party, independent surveys on thousands of pharmacists just like you from across the country. Then we compile the data together to help you find your perfect fit. Visit our Comparing Software page to see how all the vendors stack up against each other 一 from overall installations and customer satisfaction, to conversions and new stores, and more.

4. What are the typical pharmacy software features?

Every pharmacy management company offers different features. To find out which features each vendor offers, schedule a free demo to see the software in action. This is the best way to learn about how each software will fit into your pharmacy and see it in action. Most offer the following pharmacy software features:

  • Rx Dispensing: Dispensing is at the heart of your pharmacy management system. Using the technology, you can refill prescriptions, manage patient profiles, receive eScripts, and adjudicate claims. As such, Rx Dispensing is one of the top pharmacy solutions to consider when picking which pharmacy management company you want to do business with.
  • Inventory: Pharmacy inventory management is the backbone of your business. You need a system that will enable you to easily track, update, and optimize your pharmacy inventory so you can keep your shelves stocked with items your patients want and need.
  • Integrated Point-of-Sale: A comprehensive pharmacy POS is one of the most important tools for pharmacists. Your pharmacy POS should help you pull up patient orders, process payments, and integrate with your pharmacy management software. Integrated pharmacy solutions, like point-of-sale, can help you create a great patient experience.
  • Financial Reporting: Reporting capabilities, including financial reports, are crucial to understanding how your business is operating. With the right pharmacy software systems, you can sort patient data, prepare insurance claims, and prepare for your next pharmacy audit.
  • Vaccination Tools: From COVID-19 to monkeypox, pharmacy vaccines are critical right now. When you give vaccines, you need the right pharmacy tools to report to registries and submit claims for reimbursement. The best pharmacy software systems can give you these tools and more.
  • eCare Plans: eCare Plans allow you to properly document patient health interactions and clinical services so that you can share them with providers and payors. With the best pharmacy software, you can even submit eCare Plans directly to the Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN).
  • DIR Management: With pharmacy DIR fees and GER fees skyrocketing, pharmacy owners need a way to manage expected fees to help minimize their damages. Your pharmacy management system can help you predict and prepare for fees. Whether you’re in a retail or specialty pharmacy setting, you can stay safe from predatory pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs).
  • Loyalty Programs: Patient loyalty programs are excellent tools for all retail pharmacy systems. Loyalty programs can incentivize your best customers and increase their customer satisfaction, leading to higher pharmacy ratings.
  • MTM / Risk Scores: Medication therapy management (MTM) allows you to optimize patient medication regimens and identify those at risk. If you’re an MTM pharmacy, make sure you’re using top pharmacy MTM platforms (which can be found in your software system).
  • Compounding: Every community compounding pharmacy needs the proper technology. Some systems have integrated compounding capabilities to manage compounding recipes, inventory, batches, and custom labels — instead of needing to purchase an additional third-party system.
  • Med Sync: Medication synchronization is essential to efficiency in every pharmacy. Great med sync programs help you improve your patient outcomes, streamline your workload, and free up time to grow other clinical services. Your software should be one of your key medication therapy management platforms, giving you the tools you need to make your med sync program successful.

Most vendors are also compatible with other integrations such as IVR, Automation, Robots, Will Call Retrieval Systems, and more. The possibilities are endless - so make sure to mix and match what works best for your store and your patients.

How to Open a Pharmacy

Are you a pharmacy professional looking to expand your career? Do you want to bring your ideas to life and make a difference in your community? It might be time to open a pharmacy. By opening a pharmacy, you will have the ability to offer the services you want, build the team you need, and create the pharmacy you’ve always imagined. The freedom of pharmacy ownership will allow you to bring quality care to your community and form lasting connections.

Ready to start the journey?

In addition to helping you find the right pharmacy management software, Pharmacy Software Reviews walks you through the ownership process with our detailed guide on How to Open a Pharmacy. We break down the steps into 3 easy phases to get you on the right path.

Take the first step today and see if you should open a pharmacy.

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