Reading online customer reviews is a typical part of researching a product or service that you would like to purchase.

Hearing opinions of the real individuals who have already had a personal experience with a company is a great way to get unbiased information - but is it always unbiased?

The Challenges of Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can be difficult to screen for validity when there are usually other factors at play. Many review sites display paid reviews or even allow companies to bid against each other to get higher rankings. Reviews could be outdated and no longer relevant to their current state of the company.

It’s also limiting in the sense that you are only seeing reviews from the type of people who would go out of their way to write a review. This may be skewed to people who are either very upset or very satisfied, and not many that are simply content or indifferent.

It could also just be personal preference on whether writing reviews is a good use of one’s time. So with all of these things to consider, how do you know that the reviews you’re reading are even an accurate representation of the product or service you are researching?

The Solution: Direct Opinions

Pharmacy Software Reviews gets all of its data from an independent market research firm called Direct Opinions.

With over 35 years of experience in research design and implementation, Direct Opinions lives up to its name by conducting double-blind, randomized surveys to get opinions directly from the source.

While their research isn’t the typical way you might be used to seeing customer reviews, it’s a great way to get a wider array of truly unbiased opinions. They use data-driven insights to show an analysis of trends in the industry and measure different aspects of customer satisfaction.

Let’s dive into the details of their Independent Pharmacy Software Study.

Get Results That Matter

Our page on Evaluating the Best Pharmacy Software breaks down the results of a Direct Opinions survey of approximately 2,000 independent pharmacies across the United States.

Survey Fast Facts

1. Conducted Through Phone Calls

Pharmacies are called at random and a staff member who is familiar with the current pharmacy software is interviewed and results are recorded.

2. Double-Blind

Neither the individuals being surveyed nor the surveyors are given any prior information that might influence the results. Independent pharmacies are selected at random and called by an independent third party researcher that is not affiliated with any software vendors.

3. Participants Pulled from the Hayes Directory

About 2,000 pharmacies are called from the Hayes Directory - a trusted, complete database of independent pharmacies across the United States.

So Why is This Beneficial to You?

These survey results are unbiased, unpaid answers from a pool of all independent pharmacy professionals across the country. It shows a true reflection of the customers that use each software vendor and delivers a robust representation of how each vendor is performing in the industry.

When reading online reviews, you just get an influx of disconnected information that you have to try and analyze and connect together in your head.

With Pharmacy Software Reviews, we break down all the information into easily digestible categories and visually represent the data so you only get the facts. This information can empower you to make an informed decision on the best software system for your pharmacy.