Take a minute to think about the people on your team. From cashiers to clerks to trained pharmacists and techs, each of your employees brings a different set of skills to the table. It might be clinical expertise, it might be customer service, or it might be a commitment to showing up every day and trying their best.

No matter the role or responsibilities, each team member is valuable. You need them all to succeed.

Even still, you might be missing a final team player to round out your roster: your pharmacy management system.

Your pharmacy management system — also called a pharmacy software system, or in the biz, simply a software system — is an essential part of your pharmacy team. Just like your employees, it works around the clock to make sure your pharmacy stays afloat. It tracks prescriptions, performs tasks, and records important information. And you don’t even have to give it a lunch break.

But pharmacy management systems can be expensive (costing upwards of $15,000), so you may be wondering why you should invest in one at all. After all, you could complete tasks on your own, or you could call on separate pieces of technology — or, of course, you could do it all in one place, with ease and efficiency.

Enter the world of pharmacy software.

If you’re looking to make more out of your pharmacy’s operations and spend more time with those who matter most, call on the help of technology.

What Does a Pharmacy Software System Do?

A pharmacy management system is a piece of technology that handles the operations of your pharmacy, whether that be dispensing prescriptions or completing clinical services.

Each of these tasks requires some form of automation, which your pharmacy management system offers. Instead of having multiple pieces of technology performing tasks for you, your pharmacy management system can do it all.

Among other things, your pharmacy software system:

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How Can a Pharmacy Software System Help You?

With an extra helping hand, you can expect to see many benefits in your pharmacy — for you, your team, and especially your patients. When you choose to purchase a pharmacy management system, you choose to put your pharmacy first.

After all, a pharmacy management system does a lot. It:

  • Automates routine tasks — Less time spent completing simple tasks allows you to pay more attention to complex issues and find appropriate solutions

  • Reduces the risk of human error — Automated prescription capabilities mean fewer medication and billing errors for you

  • Ensures inventory accuracy — Ordering and reordering tools make sure that your shelves always stay stocked with the items your patients want most

  • Enhances overall quality of care — Proper reporting technology increases accuracy among patient care plans, allowing you to make more informed decisions and find better treatment plans for each person

  • Improves provider communication — Seamless integration of EMR and eCare Plans makes communicating with prescribers a breeze

  • Improves patient communication — Tools like two-way messaging and loyalty programs improve patients’ overall experience at the pharmacy and lead to better customer satisfaction scores

  • Provides key business insights — Reporting features give you access to valuable insights to improve your business (whether financially or operationally)

  • Reduces out-of-pocket expenses — DIR management features mitigate unexpected fees and add more back to your bottom line

  • Facilitates team management — From tracking time to delegating responsibilities, capabilities designed for your team make management easier than ever

  • Gives you more time for what matters — Most beneficial of all, more equipped technology means you have more time to spend with those who matter most: your patients

Where Can You Buy a Pharmacy Management System?

The right technology can take your pharmacy to new heights, but that’s only if you choose the right kind. In today’s market, there are hundreds of pharmacy software systems available — but not all are created equal.

When you shop for a new software system, you should keep in mind that different vendors offer different capabilities. You should also take into account important considerations like customer support, features, and overall ease of use.

In general, though, some of the top pharmacy management system vendors include:

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When you think of your pharmacy team, you think of the people you work with every day — but you should also think of the technology that powers your forward every day. Your pharmacy management system is the most important piece of technology in your pharmacy, so it’s important you find the right one.

It’s your team’s missing puzzle pieces, and it’s your pharmacy’s greatest source of success.