No matter the shape, size, or location, all pharmacies are unique 一 yours included.

Just as your pharmacy is unique, your pharmacy software should be, too. When you start your search for a new system, look for one that understands your uniqueness and that is willing to accommodate it.

The best software vendors give you the tools you need to make your software your own, with customizable features and capabilities. Custom software allows you to prioritize what’s important to your pharmacy and make the necessary changes to your operations. With custom software, you can do what you want, when you want.

Before considering your options, think about what makes your pharmacy unique and how custom features can help showcase it. Then, compare your software options, set up a free demo, and determine which vendor can best help you reach your goals.

To get started, here are a few features that the best vendors offer customization in.

1. Customizable Workflow

A standard workflow can help your pharmacy get by, but a custom one can help you thrive with greater accuracy and efficiency.

The best software systems enable you to include only the necessary steps that your team needs to dispense prescriptions and perform other operations at your business. With a custom workflow, you can add a step, remove a step, or make changes in the software in order to keep your dispensing process running smoothly.

Some systems will even allow you to create reminders at certain stations to ensure that you never miss a step. With a custom workflow, you can focus on what’s important and get rid of what isn’t.

2. Customizable Tasks and To-Do Lists

From managing everyday tasks to making sure that specific jobs or projects get completed, your pharmacy software can help you get through of your “to-do”s and boost your productivity.

A custom to-do list feature can help you to outline exactly what needs to be done in your pharmacy, when it needs to be done, and who it needs to be done by.

The top systems enable you to create tasks, assign them to your team, and place them in specific stations in your workflow. The capability can help you to stay organized and remain accountable for everything you need to accomplish.

3. Customizable Reports

When you start to run your pharmacy’s workflow in a more personalized way, you will need a reporting system that can track the changes in the same manner.

Custom reports give you the ability to monitor your pharmacy’s operations, quantify your progress, and brainstorm ways that you can improve in the future.

Reporting is a key component of running a pharmacy, but custom reports help you go beyond the standard financial and operational reports and create measures that are entirely your own. For a better reporting experience, pick a software that supports customization.

4. Customizable Forms

Aside from running reports, you can collect valuable information by creating and gathering forms in your pharmacy.

Forms can be used for a number of purposes: creating prescription refill requests, managing administrative tasks, and getting feedback from both your patients and your team.

No matter how you use them, though, custom forms give you the tools to get specific information and record it in your software system to use later on.

In the process, they can help you identify future tasks to complete and improvements to make.

5. Customizable Rx Information

A valuable asset for all pharmacies is the ability to customize prescriptions labels and information.

Top software systems help you to personalize measures like sig codes, patient and prescriber information, and other identifiers 一 all in an effort to decrease the time it takes to dispense medications and increase the amount of time you have with your patients.

You can easily input prescription information into your workflow and make sure that each patient gets the exact medications they need.


Almost all pharmacy software systems can keep your pharmacy afloat. Only the top vendors, though, can enable you to do more: by getting to know you and helping you to show off the things that make you unique.

Custom features give you the ability to personalize your pharmacy workflow and demonstrate what makes you different from competitors. In the process, they impress your patients and boost your business.

If you are looking to take your practice further, pick a vendor that personalizes.