In the healthcare space, McKesson is a well-known name. Taking its nearly 200 years of experience in the industry, McKesson creates technology, solutions, and systems designed to improve efficiency for healthcare workers — pharmacists included.

Among McKesson’s many solutions for pharmacists is EnterpriseRx, its standard pharmacy software system. But does McKesson’s software system live up to its reputation?

Read on to learn more about EnterpriseRx, including its prices, features, functionalities, and how it compares to the other top software systems to find out if it’s a good fit for your pharmacy.

What is EnterpriseRx?

EnterpriseRx is an important part of the McKesson technology line.

McKesson works with biopharma, government, physicians, and of course, pharmacists to provide “delivery insights, products, and services that make quality care more accessible and affordable.”

These insights, products, and services include:

  • Pharmaceutical Distribution
  • Wholesale Medical Supplies
  • Pharmacy Services and Technology
  • Solutions for Specialty Pharmacies
  • Solutions for Biopharma

McKesson got its start in 1833 when John McKesson and Charles Olcott, two young entrepreneurs, opened Olcott & McKesson, a drug import and wholesale business. Olcott & McKesson formed the first-ever nationwide wholesale pharmaceutical drug distribution network, and later, it became the largest U.S. distributor of wholesale pharmaceutical drugs, beverages, and chemicals.

Today, McKesson delivers a third of all pharmaceuticals used in North America and employs over 78,000 employees. It is based in Irving, TX, and runs under the leadership of president Brian Tyler.

Aside from distribution services, McKesson also offers technology solutions for pharmacies. Its most popular solution is its EnterpriseRx pharmacy management software.

With EnterpriseRx, McKesson aims to help pharmacies “improve patient outcomes, reduce working capital, and accelerate revenue and profitability.”

What are the features of EnterpriseRx?

EnterpriseRx offers all the basic capabilities pharmacies need to succeed. The software handles operational, clinical, and financial aspects of the pharmacy. Some of EnterpriseRx’s features include:

EnterpriseRx Features

EnterpriseRx Services

In addition to the standard software, McKesson also offers other services pharmacists can tack on to EnterpriseRx. These services include:

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How much does EnterpriseRx cost?

Like most software vendors, EnterpriseRx doesn’t advertise one price for its pharmacy management system. That’s because prices can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, depending on your specific wants, needs, and goals.

If you want to get a price for your pharmacy, you should reach out to McKesson directly. When you do, you can talk to a representative who can help you determine a final price for your pharmacy.

Before you reach out, though, you should know that most software systems tend to fall between $15-30,000 for the initial installation.

Integrations, add-ons and other factors might also increase your final price — so before you say yes to any software system, make sure that you know exactly what you’ll be paying.

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Is EnterpriseRx a good software system?

The best way to determine if EnterpriseRx is a good software system is to take input from real-life users.

To get their input, Direct Opinions — an independent research organization — asked EnterpriseRx users to share their experiences with the system. Direct Opinions then compared those answers to users from other software systems. All answers were quantified and compared.

These results show us how EnterpriseRx compares to the 8 other top software systems:

Among the top software systems, EnterpriseRx ranks last in market share and customer satisfaction. It is also unranked in conversions and new store installations, and it sits in the bottom half of the rankings in competitive gain.

This shows that EnterpriseRx does not attract many new customers — and that new customers who do buy the software system are typically unsatisfied with it.

For a full breakdown of the Direct Opinions survey results, visit our Compare Software page.

Who are EnterpriseRx’s competitors?

Many other top software systems beat EnterpriseRx out in the rankings, but what are those software systems? If you’re looking to weigh your options and consider other systems, try looking into any of the following vendors:

Learn how each of these vendors compares to one another by visiting our blog, What Are the Best Pharmacy Software Systems on the Market?

How can I learn more about EnterpriseRx?

The best way to learn about EnterpriseRx, or any other software vendor, is to reach out and get in touch with a representative. If it’s available to you, try to schedule a demo. Most software systems offer free demos that allow you to see the software in action.

During your demo, you can get a feel for the features and functionalities of the technology, and you can see the customer support for yourself.

Most importantly, during your demo, you can discuss how much your software system might cost. You can then weigh your options and come to a decision.

To get more information about scheduling demos and read about demo best practices, click here.


McKesson is one of the oldest healthcare companies in the world. It’s been going strong for nearly 200 years, creating solutions for physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals.

When it comes to pharmacy, McKesson’s EnterpriseRx is a top-selling solution. Many pharmacists have trusted EnterpriseRx to power their pharmacies, and you might be inclined to do the same.

Before you do, though, make sure that you consider your options, compare systems, and consult with McKesson directly so that you can make an informed decision about the kind of software system you want to rub your pharmacy.

It’s the most important decision you can make as a pharmacy owner or manager — so it’s not one you want to take lightly.