Picking a pharmacy software system shouldn’t be an impulse decision. Your software is essential in meeting your pharmacy’s long-term and short-term goals.

It’s essential to be mindful and cautious of which software best suits your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all software. Each pharmacy software system has its own quirks and characteristics. Your final decision needs to be well thought out and definite.

There are many ways to help you on this road of crucial decision-making. Almost all pharmacy software systems let you schedule a demo so you can have a more hands-on experience with your potential software.

And then there are review sites. Just like how you can read product reviews on Amazon, you can search how fellow independent pharmacists feel about their pharmacy software system.

Every pharmacist provides a different perspective on what to look out for in a pharmacy software system. With that in mind, here are a few things you need to look for in pharmacy review sites.

Read the Mixed Reviews

We love a good success story. As pharmacists, we also love positive surveys and reviews. Positive word of mouth is the ultimate, unaffordable marketing superpower that drives your small business forward.

When you’re looking for insightful software reviews, however, the five-star reviews may leave a little to be desired. While well-intentioned, these reviews tend to offer little more than the standard superlative.

This also applies to the one-star reviews for the same reason, which is why the mixed review will be your best friend. While a two-or-three-star review is an anathema to your pharmacy’s scores, they usually offer great insight for an aspiring customer.

Mixed reviews tend to go over the pros and cons of a given pharmacy software system. The reviewer will detail the various aspects of the software they liked while shedding light on its shortcomings.

As an independent pharmacist, you know working with a pharmacy software system is not problem free. You will experience growing pains in the first days, maybe even weeks. That’s not necessarily the software’s fault, but it could be if certain problems persist.

Mixed reviews are a product of those growing pains and the shortcomings that occur beyond. These reviewers go into great detail for a reason: they want fellow pharmacists to know what they’re paying for.

Create Criteria

As you venture into the pharmacy software review landscape, it helps to know what you’re looking for in a pharmacy software system.

Different pharmacy software focus on different aspects of pharmacy work. Depending on what you’re looking for, another person’s “perfect” choice can derail another.

Know what you want out of a pharmacy software system. What do the reviewers say about their point-of-sale interface? If you own a clinical-heavy pharmacy, look into how well software can store such sensitive information.

For more patient-centered pharmacies, look into how software can make the customer experience more convenient and comfortable.

These services include automatic refills, automated calls and text messages, and a mobile app. All these services give your patient a more active role in their health journey.

For the more business-minded pharmacists, look at how the software handles its orders, deliveries, and even marketing.

Some reviewers — particularly the mixed ones — will offer specific insight into how a given software handles the commerce side of pharmacy. Depending on your slant, this entrepreneurial-leaning software is the way to go.

What matters is you have a clear idea of what you want out of the software. This will let you focus on reviews that directly appeal to your interests.

Should You Read Customer Testimonials?

Since you run an independent pharmacy, you know the power of patient testimonials. Likewise, you know that the most positive testimonials tend to make the front page more than the negative or mixed ones.

After going through software reviews, now it’s time to visit their websites. Naturally, the website will be very flattering towards its products, and rightfully so: self-confidence is the best confidence.

There is virtually no way a negative testimonial will make it to the software’s web page, so don’t try to look for a needle in the haystack. Instead, look at who is delivering these testimonials.

These aren’t patients or customers: these are pharmacy professionals with years — or even decades — worth of experience. Contact them and ask them about their experience with the software.

Chances are they will offer more depth, insight, and even critiques that didn’t make the patient testimonial page. Remember, pay attention to reviews beyond the cover-worthy blurb. A small paragraph can’t properly describe a pharmacy software system’s quality.

Ask a fellow pharmacy professional about their pharmacy software experience. If they gave an online review, chances are they are willing to tell you more.

Timing Matters

Time is of the essence. To thrive in the pharmacy industry, you need to be in the know of the latest developments and innovations. The same idea applies to pharmacy software review sites.

On top of looking at a software’s mixed reviews, take a look at when they wrote the review. Chances are that the software rectified criticisms from several years ago. As such, older reviews will likely not be a clear representation of the software’s current state.

Most pharmacy software systems’ web pages have a “new feature” page that goes over the latest software developments. Look over these updates and see how often they add a new feature.

Software that consistently updates is definitely a good sign, meaning their developers and vendor support are on top of things.


The more recent the review, the better. The more mixed the review, the better. The more constructive the review, the better.

Reviews are meant to inform aspiring consumers of the general pros and cons of a product. They help them make an informed decision on which product to go with.

Now that you know the ins and outs of pharmacy software system reviews, pay it forward by writing reviews of your own.

Whether they are glowingly positive, painfully negative, or somewhere in between, ensure that the reader gets a clear understanding of how your feel about the software.

Honesty — and brevity — matter here, so don’t be afraid to give a well-meaning, constructive review of a pharmacy software system. It can end up helping consumers and developers put their best foot forward.