So you’ve chosen the right pharmacy software - now what comes next?

Your software is the core of your pharmacy, but there are a variety of additional integrations that can supplement your workflow and help enhance your system.

Along with choosing a software, selecting the right integrations that fit your pharmacy’s needs is another crucial part of growing your pharmacy business.

Our Software Integration blog series will explore a few of the most common system integrations for independent pharmacies. This week’s Software Integration Feature is about Pharmacy Inventory and Will Call Management.

Pharmacy Inventory & Will Call Management

Inventory is an integral part of your pharmacy. Managing your inventory can be time consuming, but with the right tools and processes in place, you will see the benefits and be able to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

By using inventory management tools, you can stay organized and take the guesswork out of ordering.

You can use specialized software to forecast your pharmacy’s inventory levels and get insights on when to order more products and what exactly to order. These tools can help you keep a lean inventory and improve your purchasing accuracy, all leading to cost savings for your business.

Will call solutions can also be a helpful addition to your workflow. When customers arrive to pick up their prescriptions at your pharmacy, you can speed up the checkout process with tools that make it easier to locate their orders.

Will call solutions save time for the pharmacy and the patient, decreasing their wait times and increasing their satisfaction. They also increase safety and accuracy in retrieving prescriptions.

Benefits of Inventory & Will Call Solutions

1. Easily Locate Prescriptions

Will call retrieval technologies typically use a form of LED light system, lighting up the current prescription order that you are trying to locate so that it is easy to spot immediately. This can save time on digging through stacks of orders, and also increase patient safety by helping the pharmacist accurately select the correct prescriptions.

2. Securely Store Drugs

Secure drug storage solutions offer electronically-locked cabinets that can be opened with user authentication such as biometrics, login credentials, or unique user tokens.

3. Organize and Condense Inventory

High-density storage cabinets and carousels help organize your inventory and keep it condensed to help save space in your pharmacy.

4. Forecast and Manage Inventory Levels

Inventory software helps automate your purchasing and ordering process, forecasting and reporting insights on your inventory levels to help you save money and keep a lean inventory.

5. Quickly and Accurately Count Pills

Pill counters help you manage inventory by confirming the amount of pills you have on hand. These robots automatically count pills and record pictures to store in your pharmacy software, saving time instead of manually counting pills one-by-one.

6. Manage Inventory on the Move

Mobile inventory apps, which may be offered through your current pharmacy software vendor, allow you to move freely around the pharmacy and record inventory through your phone or tablet. All data is synced automatically back into your pharmacy software system.

7. Offer Patient Self-Pickup

Prescription pick-up lockers allow for secure storage of patient orders that are ready for pick-up and can be accessed 24/7. Patients can walk up to the locker and enter verification to retrieve their orders without needing help from an attendant.

Choosing the Right Products for Your Pharmacy

Many pharmacy software vendors will already have some inventory management tools included in their system or additional mobile apps to purchase. Ask your software provider about what inventory and will call solutions they offer, as well as what outside vendors they integrate best with.

They will typically have some recommendations about what additional products will help enhance your workflow.

The list below includes some well known vendors and their respective products to help get you started on your research:

Parata Systems

          Will Call




          Will Call

Capsa Healthcare

        Will Call

Kirby Lester