Your pharmacy is constantly adapting to meet your patients’ needs.

Whether it be making a minor adjustment to a medication or implementing a new program in your store, you and your team work around the clock to innovate your workflow and better serve your patients. With so many changes taking place in your pharmacy on a day-to-day basis, you need a software that can keep up.

The best pharmacy software systems recognize the evolving needs of your pharmacy, your community, and the industry as a whole 一 and are committed to providing you with the tools to meet them.

If you are on the hunt for a new software system, or if you are looking to make the switch to a new vendor, consider whether or not your software is innovative enough to give you what you need. The best systems on the market will give you the capabilities to stay up-to-date in your software and beyond.

In your search, take these three considerations into account and then compare the available software systems to determine which one can meet your needs.

Does Your Software Offer Regular System Updates?

In order to stay on top of changes, your software must change, as well.

Regular system updates are needed in all pieces of technology, but they are particularly important in pharmacy software systems 一 which are constantly evolving with the needs of the industry.

As you shop around, search for a software that makes regular updates. These updates not only ensure that your software runs quickly and smoothly, but they also reduce the risk of cyber threats that can cause costly data loss.

While most software vendors offer updates, some make it easier than others.

The best vendors offer easily installed (or even better, automatic) updates to give you the newest version of the technology with little hassle to you. If you experience any difficulties in updating your software or want to know more about the update itself, they also provide knowledgeable support teams who can help you.

With the addition of regular updates and the help of a team who can walk you through them, you will be better equipped to make the most out of your software.

Does It Release New Feature Updates?

The second mark of an up-to-date software system is its features.

The features in your software control what you are able to do in your pharmacy 一 from managing finances to recording information to ordering inventory. Consequently, the software you choose should include a wide range of features designed to tackle any task.

To expand your capabilities, your software system should also offer regular feature updates, ideally on a weekly or monthly basis. These updates should improve upon old features, fix glitches in old ones, and introduce new ones.

The top software vendors release feature updates on a regular basis. More importantly, though, they help you to utilize them. With each new update, these vendors offer detailed explanations on how to use the feature, why you should use it, and how it can help you to improve your practice.

Just like with software updates, if you experience any trouble with a new feature, they offer support teams who can offer guidance and answer any questions you have.

As an added bonus, some software vendors allow users to make suggestions for new features and then create those features in the software later on. Taking the time to offer a suggestion can give you the opportunity to speak up and have a say about what your software will offer in the future.

Does It Stay Up-to-Date in the Industry?

In addition to staying up-to-date in pharmacy technology, your software vendor should be updated on pharmacy practice in general.

The best vendors are informed and actively involved in the events and important decisions happening in pharmacy right now. Staying involved not only helps them to make necessary changes to the software, but it also gives them the resources to make changes in the industry as a whole. 

As you compare your software options, do your research and consider whether or not your vendor stays up-to-date.

First, check their website and social media accounts to see what they are doing: if they are working on any projects, joining any initiatives, or making any moves to advance the field.

Second, find out if they partner with other organizations, like NCPA or CPESN, who are working towards the same goal.

And, finally, use your best judgment to determine if they care about pharmacy practice beyond selling a product. 

A vendor’s passion for the industry is a good sign of their passion for the technology, so pick one that stays involved and see better results in your software.


When you start the search for your next pharmacy software system, prioritize finding a vendor that stays up-to-date on what you need most. Vendors who are informed and aware of the changes in pharmacy 一 and who design their technology to reflect those changes 一 can help to make sure that all of your pharmacy’s needs are met.

Innovation is the secret to pharmacy success, so choose an innovative software system and see positive changes in the way that your pharmacy functions.