Opening a pharmacy is no small task. Whether you’re picking a location, hiring new staff, or assembling your pharmacy inventory, you need to put your best foot forward. 

Such is absolutely the case when it comes to your pharmacy software system. Choosing the right software for your independent pharmacy is a decision of the utmost importance. 

Your pharmacy software system sets the tone for your pharmacy’s workflow, so it’s essential to find a software that matches your pharmacy’s needs. 

And we’ve got just the tips you need. 

Here’s how to pick the right pharmacy software system. 

Know What You Want 

The wonderful thing about independent pharmacies is that you can put your own stamp on patient care. Your small business helps patients in a way only they know how. As such, pick a pharmacy software system that is tailored to your pharmacy’s needs. 

As mentioned earlier, pick a pharmacy software system that can best help your pharmacy. One pharmacy’s solution can be a thorn in the side of another, so don’t blindly pick the “best” or “coolest” software. Pick the one that speaks to you the most. 

If your pharmacy is at the forefront of new features and clinical services, it makes sense to have software that can handle those bells and whistles. 

If your pharmacy prefers to stick with the basic fill-dispensing model, that’s not a problem. Select a pharmacy software system that lets you perform the simple tasks exceptionally well. 

Your pharmacy, your workflow. Pick a pharmacy software system that lets you do your tasks your way. This gives your pharmacy a unique workflow, one that lets you stand out from the rest of your community. 


Depending on your pharmacy, you need to account for your software’s mobility, especially if you manage other locations. 

If you’re a pharmacist who works on the move — mainly because of vaccine clinics or wellness events — check if your pharmacy software system has mobile capabilities. 

Having mobile capabilities does away with the thick stack of paperwork for your pharmacy, especially during vaccine events. This will let you perform your tasks on the go without compromising patient security and privacy. 

Speaking of which… 

Privacy and Security 

Your patient’s privacy and security are one of the most important aspects of patient care. In some ways, it’s just as important as the prescriptions themselves. 

Going to an independent pharmacy — and staying an independent pharmacy — is a huge act of trust. Not only do your patients trust you for their medications, but they also trust you to safeguard their personal information.

If you haven’t already, pick a pharmacy software that puts patient security and privacy first. Patient care goes above the pharmacy counter after all. 

In this case, it can go into the cloud — the digital cloud, that is. Some pharmacy software systems have off-site backups, storing pharmacy and patient information. 

Most of these systems backup intermittently, ensuring your software has up-to-date information on an hourly — sometimes sooner — basis. 

This proves especially helpful in the events of a disaster or power outage. You can still operate your pharmacy with up-to-date information, maintaining an efficient workflow and retaining patient privacy and security. 

Schedule a Demo 

Sometimes you just need to experience something to know if it will work for you. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first (hopefully).  

Most, if not all, pharmacy software companies let you see a live demo of the software. Demos give you a front-row seat of how a particular software operates. Sure, you can read entire manuals of a system,  but it’s not until you put your hands on it that you know if it’ll work for you. 

Schedule a demo and see what a certain software system is all about. More often than not, that company’s software aficionado host the demo. They can answer just about any question you have regarding the software. 

Check out our blog, “What to Look for During a Pharmacy Software Demo” to learn more about the ins and outs of pharmacy software demos. 

Ask Your Staff 

At the end of the day, you’re making the final decisions for your pharmacy. Naturally, with great power comes great responsibility. Running a successful pharmacy requires a great team, both for your workflow and your pharmacy software system. 

Your pharmacy staff is a valuable part of your pharmacy’s success. Your fellow pharmacists, technicians, and clerks make up your pharmacy’s workflow, ensuring you’re all efficiently performing urgent tasks. 

They also have a unique perspective on pharmacy work. They are on the front lines of patient care, often being a patient’s primary point of contact. They know your pharmacy workflow inside and out — use that to your advantage. 

Ask for your staff’s input when looking for a new pharmacy software system. They have firsthand experience of what makes a good pharmacy software system. 

Software is meant to be intuitive, user friendly, and easy to use. Your pharmacy staff knows what these criteria entail. Ask for their feedback and opinions, have them or at least one tech sit with you during the demo. 

Your pharmacy staff holds your pharmacy up in many ways. In the case of your pharmacy software, they could be the deciding factor in your final decision. 


Choosing your pharmacy software system is a matter of great importance. It will set the tone for your pharmacy’s workflow and longterm success. Through seeing demos, knowing your pharmacy’s niche, and the perspective of your staff, you will pick a pharmacy software system that is tailored to your unique needs and skills. 

Don’t make an impulse buy on this one. Cover all your bases to ensure your pharmacy’s success. 

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