What You Need to Know Before Getting an Independent Pharmacy Delivery Service

There is room for innovation in all aspects of pharmacy. You can optimize your pharmacy’s filling efficiency, your patient adherence, clinical services — the list goes on and on. Operating your pharmacy to its full potential always leaves room for improvement. In some cases, it goes beyond filling a prescription, how many vaccines you offer, or the slew of clinical services you have. In this case, it’s all about how your patients get their medication. With the industry focusing more on...

How to Make Filling a Prescription Faster + Easier

Modern-day pharmacy relies on clinical services and value-based care. The industry favors pharmacies that are doing more than just filling a prescription. Your independent pharmacy might have all the bells and whistles of the modern-day pharmacy, but sometimes you need to get back to the basics. You should be able to carry out all of the basic functions of a pharmacy: patient consultation, point-of-sale services, detecting drug-drug interactions, and — for the purposes of this blog — filling...

Which Software Do Pharmacies Choose Most?

Choosing a pharmacy software system is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a pharmacy owner — but that doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging. To simplify the process, you should consider why you’re looking for a new pharmacy software system in the first place. In most cases, there are two main scenarios in which a pharmacy installs a new system: 1. conversion at an existing location. A pharmacy currently open and operating with a pharmacy software system might elect to switch systems.

What is Patient Literacy? + 3 Ways to Help Your Patients

Pharmacy work is a balancing act of efficiency and accuracy. Patients want their pharmacy experience to be as convenient and seamless as possible, while still receiving exceptional service. It’s the second part of the “efficiency and accuracy” equation that we want to focus on here. Your job as an independent pharmacist is to give your patients medications in a simple, yet accurate, way. In the hustle and bustle of the job, there needs to be room to improve accuracy with patient literacy...

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