Make a Change: Pharmacy Software You Should Switch To

You might have used the same pharmacy software system for a month, a year, or even a decade before you realized it wasn’t cutting it anymore. When you first started out, you might have thought your software could work for you. It probably had basic features, decent functionalities, and a support team that could help you get by. With a bit of a push, you were willing to take the plunge. As you started working with the software more and more, though, you started to see its shortcomings. Maybe it..

Find the Right Fit: Software That Keeps You Satisfied

Before you buy any new product, you probably get input from other people. You might talk to a salesperson, a trusted friend or family member, or even someone online 一 but the fact remains that, prior to making a purchase, you want to hear from others. In the digital age, online reviews have made giving and receiving your opinion easier than ever. With the click of a button, you can get input that can make or break a product for you. However, you may find it hard to find (and trust) the right...

Reward Your Top Patients

Any patient who walks through your pharmacy’s front doors is worth celebrating, but there may be a few who stand out. Whether they are long-time supporters or new to your pharmacy, some patients go out of their way to do business with you. They come to you for routine appointments, tests, vaccinations, and supplies 一 relying on you to help meet all of their health needs. After they have made a few trips to the pharmacy, you may have started to recognize their face, gotten to know them, and.....

Keep Your Team Organized and On Task

A critical part of managing your pharmacy is managing your staff. Your staff is made up of many different people, with different backgrounds, skills, and experiences they bring to the table. In your pharmacy, each person takes on their own roles and responsibilities, which allow you to keep your business running smoothly. Your staff may dispense prescriptions, they may schedule appointments, or they may simply offer a helping hand where needed. No matter how they go about it, each of your staff.

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