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Each year, approximately 2,000 pharmacies like yours are called by Direct Opinions, an independent surveyor, and are asked questions about their current pharmacy management software. This double-blind phone-based survey gathers unbiased information about the pharmacy software industry.

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No need to worry about outdated, paid, or employee-written reviews. Survey data is analyzed and key market trends are visualized for you to make an informed decision!

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Easily Manage and Order Inventory

September 16, 2021

To keep your doors open, you have to keep your supplies stocked. In any given week, your pharmacy will go through a number of different supplies: medications, tools and equipment, and OTC items. Depending on the demand, these supplies may vary at certain times, but you are still responsible for keeping up with anything and everything your patients may need 一 at all times. Inventory is a key part of any business’s success, but it is essential for your pharmacy. In order to meet demand and keep...

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Save Big on Your Next Software System

September 9, 2021

In your community pharmacy, you expect your software system to do a number of things: accurately record information, provide useful insights, and give you the necessary tools to stay on top of patient care. Even with all of the capabilities your software gives you, though, you still expect it to fit in your budget. It’s no surprise that finances are a major deciding factor for pharmacists looking to switch to a new system 一 and it’s one that you should take note of, too. Everyone is looking to..

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Make Your Software Your Own

September 2, 2021

No two pharmacies are exactly alike. While many facilities offer similar services 一 from filling prescriptions to administering vaccines and more 一 they each adapt to meet their own needs and reach their own goals. Some pharmacies, for instance, may focus on optimizing their dispensing process; others may be looking to expand clinical care. Some may keep their services in a central location; others may branch out and offer them at clinics and outside areas. Some pharmacies may be interested in..

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Compare Pharmacy Software Vendors

A pharmacy management software combines features such as prescription drug dispensing, management of clinical services, and point-of-sale all in one convenient platform. Software is the core of a successful pharmacy business. Essentially every part of your workflow will run through this system. You and your team will be using this every single day, so it’s important to make the right choice. You need powerful, easy-to-use features and a vendor that offers reliable customer support.

Visit our Comparing Software page to compare top industry vendors such as PioneerRx, Rx30, Computer-Rx, BestRx (Best Computer Systems), Liberty, Micro Merchant Systems, QS/1, and more. Real pharmacy professionals like you were surveyed by an independent third-party and asked about the software that they use every day. Get insights from real people and see which pharmacy software vendors have the highest customer satisfaction, the most conversions, the best customer retention, and more.

Our Blog also dives into specific software features and how to evaluate whether a system is right for your pharmacy’s needs. It’s important to know how features vary among vendors and what questions to ask during the sales process. Read our blog posts to learn how to get the most out of your software with features like:

1. eCare Plans

5. DIR Fee Management

2. Med Sync

6. Financial Reporting

3. IVR

7. Inventory Management

4. Automation Technology

and more!

How to Open a Pharmacy

Are you a pharmacy professional looking to expand your career? Do you want to bring your ideas to life and make a difference in your community? By becoming an independent pharmacy owner, you will have the ability to offer the services you want, build the team you need, and create the pharmacy you have always imagined. The freedom of ownership will also enable you to bring quality care to your community and form lasting connections, both personal and professional.

Ready to start the journey?

In addition to helping you find the right pharmacy management software, Pharmacy Software Reviews walks you through the ownership process with our detailed guide on How to Open a Pharmacy. We break down the steps into 3 easy phases to get you on the right path.

Take the first step today and see if pharmacy ownership is right for you.

Start with Initial Preparations

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Get Your Pharmacy Up and Running

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